TytoCare, a platform that provides around-the-clock virtual urgent care, recently assisted a community health center in Dallas in obtaining FCC funding to expand its telehealth program. Working with TytoCare, Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic (LBU) applied for and received funds to purchase TytoCare devices. LBU and TytoCare have placed 1,200 TytoHome kits in Dallas County area homes, enabling LBU to provide in-depth remote physical examinations.

The TytoHome exam kit includes an otoscope, stethoscope, basal thermometer, and digital camera. These are the same tools medical providers use to perform an in-person exam. TytoHome allows providers to remotely examine the ears, skin, throat, heart, and lungs and obtain precision body temperature measurements.

Compatible with iOS and Android, the TytoApp guides users through the exam process. The app then submits the data to a medical provider. Consumers who purchase the device independently can work with the TytoCare national physician network or email the results to their own provider. If needed, TytoCare doctors can provide prescription medications following the exam.

The TytoHome stethoscope is FDA-cleared, and the TytoCare platform recently earned the European CE mark. TytoHome is available for purchase on the TytoCare website and through Best Buy. Insurance plans that cover telehealth will cover TytoHome exams.

One of just three federally funded community health centers in the area, LBU operates a clinic in West Dallas and health centers in Oak Cliff and South Oak Cliff. LBU offers comprehensive, culturally competent primary care services, such as prenatal and pediatric care, mental health care, WIC services, and children’s dental care. The partnership between LBU and TytoCare is a commendable example of how telehealth companies can work with non-profit organizations to overcome geographical and social barriers to quality healthcare.