Founded in 2013, LiteSprite develops video games that support people living with chronic conditions. LiteSprite’s digital therapeutic, Sinasprite, offers private, self-guided support for depression and anxiety in a format that doesn’t feel like a mental health treatment. At CES 2022, LiteSprite introduced a new gratitude module for the clinically-validated app to complement Sinasprite’s existing array of game modules.

Sinasprite uses gaming technology, but it’s not a gamified solution; there’s no scorekeeping, and no one wins. Instead, the app focuses on experiential transformation, helping players develop evidence-based skills and strategies for managing depression and anxiety. A protagonist character, Sox the Fox, acts as a guide and emotional support companion as players explore “mini-games” that provide “micro experiences.” The multiplayer gratitude module integrates with the user’s social network.

Based on existing clinical evaluation tools and evidence-based methods, Sinasprite encourages incremental change. Although the app has benefits as a standalone tool, it’s intended to integrate with therapy rather than replace it. Sinasprite also functions well as an introduction to the idea of mental health care, helping players become more comfortable with the idea of therapy. For some individuals, Sinasprite combined with therapy could eliminate the need for medication.

Consumers can download and use Sinasprite for free or pay for a subscription that gives access to premium features. LiteSprite is currently seeking to partner with employers, providers, and payers. Sinasprite provides anonymized clinical reports and employee-identified insights. These facilitate increased engagement and assist employers in tailoring benefits to meet current employee needs.

Sinasprite has been used in primary care settings in which clinicians monitor patients from the app’s backend. According to LiteSprite, retention rates are two to three times the industry average after six weeks. Sinaspriteuses GAD-7 and PHQ-9 — two standard clinical evaluation tools — to assess anxiety and depression levels. Using the app for just a few minutes each day can improve anxiety by up to 43% and depression by 18%.

Hitting across a range of barriers to mental health care, Sinasprite addresses stigma, prohibitive costs, and low engagement. And it provides an emotional experience, rather than simply intellectual or instructional information. Perhaps most importantly, Sinasprite makes it easier for the 37% of Americans (122 million) living in the areas most affected by the ongoing mental health provider shortage.