Lots of devices will tell you how well you slept last night, but how many of them actually do something to help you sleep better tonight? At CES 2022, SleepMe, Inc. introduced two new products that the company claims can improve sleep by regulating bed temperature. The Sleepme Dock Pro Sleep System is a hardware cooling system that pumps temperature-regulated water through a mattress pad. The Sleepme Insight biosensing device works with the Dock Pro Sleep System as part of a Sleepme+ membership program that includes biometrics-based temperature regulation plus personalized sleep training and other sleep-related resources.

The Sleepme Dock Pro bed cooling system stores under the bed and regulates water temperature. The cooling unit connects to a ChiliPad Pro mattress pad. Cooled water pumps through the pad to produce sleep-optimized temperatures. A Sleepme mobile app gives the user precise temperature control over the Dock Pro Sleep System.

The second new product announced at CES 2022 was Sleepme Insight. The device uses sensors to monitor sleep-related metrics such as heart rate, respiratory rate, in-bed temperature, sleep levels, and more. Sleepme Insight fits under the mattress pad and works in conjunction with the Dock Pro Sleep System. Sleepme Insight connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi.

When the two Sleepme systems work together, the Insight transmits user data to the cloud. Sleepme machine-learning algorithms analyze the data and set the Sleep System’s temperature to optimize the user’s deep sleep and REM sleep. In a video briefing during CES 2022 with Health Tech Insider, Tara Youngblood, Sleepme founder and CEO, stated the company developed the Sleepme products because “modern life is set up to sabotage sleep quality.”

The Sleepme Dock Pro Sleep System with a 12-month Sleepme+ subscription including the Sleepme Insight biometrics tracker will be available in late March. Preorder prices begin at $1,299 and depend on the size of the mattress pad and either one or two Dock Pro units and Insight biometric trackers. A half-queen size mattress pad for one sleeper is $1,299 and a full queen size pad with separate control units for two sleepers is $2,099. A half-king mattress system costs $1,499 and a two-person king mattress system is $2,199.

Sleepme’s previous product, the ChiliPad, changed temperature based on sleep cycles. The new Sleepme Dock Pro Sleep System using with Sleepme Insight takes a large step forward by adjusting temperature based on real-time data. It’s not inexpensive, but it is technology that takes a proactive approach to helping you get a better night’s sleep.