In April 2016, we covered active noise cancellation (ANC) earplugs that were introduced on the Indiegogo crowd-funding marketplace. At that time QuietOn expected its eponymous earplugs would begin shipping that June. Jump forward 5 years to CES 2022 and QuietOn showcased QuietOn 3, its latest ANC earbud product.

QuietOn introduced the QuietOn 3 active noise-cancelling earbuds in April 2021. QuietOn brought QuietOn 3 to CES 2022 in January for a broader launch now that the latest product is in mass production. As was the case with the original QuietOn and QuietOn 2, the QuietOn 3 is a solution for people who seek better sleep with ANC and want the smallest and most comfortable form factor as possible. These are people who need more than white noise machines to help overcome ambient and sudden noise while they sleep. The QuietOn 3 earplugs use both passive and active noise cancellation, according to the company,

QuietOn emphasizes that QuietOn 3 does not use transmitters, receivers, or other wireless components such as Bluetooth. The earplugs come with a carrying case charger and four different-sized ear cushions. The QuietOn 3 earbuds can run for up to 28 hours per charge. The charging case stores up to three full charges for the earbuds, so theoretically you could use them for 112 hours without access to AC power, which is enough for two weeks of 8 hours sleep per night.

QuietOn doesn’t cite research that supports the effectiveness of its products. The new QuietOn 3 earbuds are smaller than the two earlier versions. The earplugs fit entirely in your ears, so the smaller they are, the more comfortable they should be,, no matter what your sleeping position might be,