Rendever provides shared VR experiences to help seniors in care facilities combat loneliness and isolation. The company exhibited its latest solution, RendeverFit, at CES 2022 shortly after the live worldwide product launch. RendeverFit brings physical fitness programming together with social interaction to enhance cognitive function along with the health and wellbeing of older adults.

Physical activity is known to improve physical and mental health while reducing the risk of serious disease and chronic conditions and delaying the onset of dementia. Social engagement boosts cognition and improves mental and emotional health. Seniors can have fun together through RendeverFit’s three initial offerings: Cycle, Paddle, and Paint. The latter utilizes Rendever’s MultiBrush, a multiplayer version of Google’s Tilt Brush 3D VR painting tool. 

Rendever doesn’t create VR hardware, but according to the company, its experiential platforms boast the largest VR media collection in the world. RendeverFit targets the same market as the basic platform, which enhances the social health of tens of thousands of seniors in more than 400 residential care facilities across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. 

Ideally, Rendever’s solutions will eventually enter the consumer market via payers such as Medicare or Medicare Advantage, thereby serving a broader cross-section of older adults. The increasing population of seniors aging at home would also reap many physical and psychological benefits from Rendever’s multiplayer VR experiences.