We’re big fans of health and wellness products that fade into the background to do their job without requiring much effort or attention by users. Baracoda‘s AI-driven BBalance MatScale, a smart bath mat was a CES 2022 Innovations Award Honoree because it succeeds when it disappears.

The BBalance MatScale is a premium cotton bath mat with an insert that automatically measures and records your weight, body composition, posture, and balance every time you step on it. The BBalance MatScale measures approximately 32 inches by 22 inches and weighs about 15.4 pounds. The removable fabric rug cover is machine washable and extra cotton covers are available for $59 (currently on sale for $39). The smart insert that makes up the tech in the MatScale connects via Low-Energy Bluetooth (BLE) and Wi-Fi and runs for up to 8 months on a full battery charge. A USB-charger in the mat connects via an included power cable.

One of the coolest claimed BBalance features is footprint recognition. According to Baracoda, the associated BBalance mobile app can keep private, secure records for up to 100 different users, differentiating them by footprint. The free app will be available in both iOS and Android versions when the products ship later this year, Baracoda states.

Baracoda plans to include a one-year subscription to its BBalance Coaching Plus experience with each pre-ordered BBalance MatScale. According to Baracoda, the coaching program provides daily guided experiences to match the user’s health objectives. After one year the Coaching Plus subscription will cost $4.99 per month.

Baracoda estimates the BBalance smart mat will ship in May 2020. The mat is available in black or white and includes one year free BBalance Coaching. The list price is $449 but Baracoda currently offers a 22% pre-order discount for a purchase price of $349 including free shipping. You can pre-order the BBalance MatScale on the company website.