Is there an assistive walker in your future (or in your life now)? The only time I’ve used a walker (so far) was a short period following total hip replacement surgery. My experience lasted for just a few days and the walker was more of a backup then a necessity. I found a standard walker easy to use, but mine was just a passing disability. I can imagine that someone who relies on a walker as they go about their daily life could find them cumbersome and limiting at times.

Camino Robotics, Inc. showcased its eponymous Camino e-rollator at CES 2022. Technically a rollator is different from a walker. Both assistive devices have four legs. A walker has only two wheels and the wheel-less legs must be lifted when the user takes steps. A rollator has four wheels and moves when pushed. Rollators are the better choice for people with weak arms. Like most rollators, the Camino can also serve as a seat when you need a rest, You can also maintain your normal walking speed and gait with a rollator, while that’s not always the case with a walker. The Camino’s twofold purpose is to give users extra stability when they stand and to provide a bit of extra power moving uphill.

Little specific information is available about the Camino at this time. The Camino’s design is attractive and the promised feature list is compelling. The core feature is the Camino’s Smart Power Assist. Without statements about speed or capacities, company claims the Camino will automatically provide extra power by turning the wheels when needed. The e-walker detects and provides the right mix of power to the wheels on side slopes and uneven surfaces. The Camino also has automatic brakes that provide a bit of resistance when you walk down a hill. If you let go of the Camino’s handles, the brakes engage fully so it won’t roll away.

The Camino has three special purpose modes. Push a button to partially fold Camino in Skinny Mode so you can walk through narrow spaces. Compact Mode folds the device completely for packing or transport. In Sitting Support Mode the handles move down and up as needed when you take a seat or stand. The Camino also has front and rear lights to help in low light areas.

Camino Robotics is a partner with AARP Innovation Labs, a division of the American Association of Retired Persons. The AARP Innovation Labs identifies and partners with startups that develop products to assist people as they age. There is no current information about pricing or availability for the Camino e-walker. If you are interested in purchasing a Camino or in more information, you can subscribe to receive news and updates on the company website.