Launched at CES 2022 last week, FaceHeart Vitals SDK is an AI technology that turns tablets and smart devices into remote vital signs monitors. Available for licensing, the new software development kit uses AI algorithms to measure heart and respiratory metrics when the device camera focuses on a person’s face.

Created by FaceHeart Corporation of Taiwan, the technology expands the capabilities of the company’s FaceHeart Vitals. The platform provides tracking for activity, sleep, metabolism, equilibrium, relaxation, and overall health. FaceHeart Vitals SDK can now detect heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and stress index. Users need only 60 seconds in from of the camera to record those measurements. 

The software has a range of potential use cases. FaceVitals SDK data can bolster personal tracking devices to enhance workout performance and optimize personal health. For healthcare providers, the software removes barriers to remote monitoring, as it requires devices that are ubiquitous across most patient profiles. A simple solution to monitoring post-surgical patients and others recovering at home, as well as those with chronic conditions, could help reduce complications and adverse events. 

In clinical trials, FaceHeart has generated 76 million datasets in clinical trials to ensure its AI functions with medical-grade accuracy. The company is pursuing FDA approval for the FaceHeart Vitals platform for use as a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD). 

It should be noted that there are other camera-based monitoring platforms already on the market. We recently covered a similar SDK kit from Israeli startup, and consumers can download apps such as Nuralogix Anura.