Individuals who want a physician-grade heart monitor can now purchase one on Launched in early November, Bioheart is a direct-to-consumer, personal heart monitoring system made by Biotricity Inc. The company stated that listing Bioheart on Amazon was a decision made to increase consumer access to the highly accurate, user-friendly monitoring platform. Biotricity also announced that Bioheart is part of a “virtual cardiac clinic” that integrates with cardiology practices via a cloud-based “Biosphere” ecosystem to be introduced in 2022.

The Bioheart device has built-in electrodes that collect data from three different heart views for medical-grade accuracy. It provides consumers with continuous heart monitoring, long-term data collection, and personalized analytics. The platform lets users view snapshots of rhythm data and provides customized insights regarding lifestyle choices that support a healthy heart. 

Nested in a breathable, washable fabric strap, Bioheart can be worn around the clock, during sleep, daily activities, and any type of exercise. It pairs with a smartphone app, where users can watch their heart’s electrical rhythm live in real-time and view heart rhythm, heart rate, and heart rate variability data. The app also lets users create and save historical snapshots and maintain a heart rhythm diary.

People can use Bioheart to develop a deeper understanding of their own health by demonstrating how lifestyle choices and other factors affect the heart and physical wellness. The app supports preventive health care, empowering individuals to make informed health decisions and discuss concerning trends with providers before complications occur. For consumers living with cardiac conditions that require monitoring, the Bioheart system makes it easy to export and share data with providers.

No prescription is needed to purchase Bioheart. The Amazon price will typically be $199. However, for a limited time, customers can order Bioheart from Amazon for an introductory rate of $149.