We find wearables that assist human muscles appealing because of their many potential applications. In addition to helping people with debilitating diseases and health conditions, artificial muscles in exoskeletons and other wearable structures can enhance the strength, endurance, and safety of healthy people in diverse occupational settings.

At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Tokyo-based Innophys Co., Ltd. will showcase two muscle suits. The Muscle Suit Every supports the wearer’s waist when lifting. The Muscle Suit GS-ARM assists the wearer lifting their arms. Innophys Muscle Suits use compressed air for power. The wearer uses an included pump to add air to the system. According to Innophys. The Muscle Suit Every, for example, helps with up to 25.5 kilograms of force (56 pounds) of extra power. The muscles in the Innophys wearables are McKibben-type artificial muscles. The muscles are rubber tubes encased in polyester monofilament attached by wire at each end to the wearable’s steel frame. Compression occurs when motion on a rotation axis in the suit activates the muscle when the wearer lifts.

The Muscle Suits are dust and water proof as well as light weight, according to Innophys. The Muscle Suit Every weighs just 3.8 kilograms (a bit more than 8 pounds) and is easy to put on, making it suitable for workers and for people at home, including elderly people. The Innophys CES 2022 news release does not include prices, but the company website claims the price is affordable for people who want extra force lifting at home. To see the Muscle Suits at CES 2002, check them out at the Innophys booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center.