recent survey by the Brain Injury Association of America revealed that more than 76% of providers believe that telehealth has an equivalent or superior effect on patient recovery compared to in-person rehabilitation therapy. The Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) began offering limited telerehabilitation services in 2020. Since then, CNS has provided more than 125,000 hours of virtual therapy. 

Now, CNS has launched a full-scale telerehabilitation program for treating traumatic and acquired brain injury. The program provides all the same services that are available in-clinic, but virtually via the HIPAA-compliant RingCentral video conferencing platform, powered by Zoom.

The CNS telerehabilitation program helps individuals with brain injuries build everyday life skills. When a patient is admitted to the program, a designated therapy team creates a personalized rehabilitation plan to support learning, memory, cognition, reasoning, dexterity, and personal management. 

In fully virtual and hybrid in-person/virtual programs, patients work with live therapists and a telerehabilitation kit designed to replicate in-clinic services in the home environment. This boxed kit includes a RingCentral user guide, notebooks, a calculator, a whiteboard, a water bottle, and other supplies.

Video meetings between individuals, families, caregivers, and clinicians facilitate collaboration in the rehabilitation process. Therapists can suggest adaptive aids after viewing the home environment. In addition to therapy, patients can practice safety skills and return-to-work scenarios during sessions. Collaborative meetings between clinicians, patients, and families are included, and integrated messaging streamlines communication between all parties. 

Founded in 1980, CNS provides residential, assisted-living, and outpatient medical care and rehabilitation therapy for all types of brain injury at clinics in California and Texas. The company’s virtual options make quality therapy accessible to a broader range of patients who can benefit from expert rehabilitative care.