We often write about new exoskeleton technology developed to help amputees and people with spinal cord injuries regain mobility. There’s also a second leg in exoskeleton advancement, however, as assistive technology. For example, we’ve written about work for DARPA that benefits both soldiers and seniors. German Bionic will demonstrate its latest generation of the company’s Cray X connected robotic exoskeleton at CES 2022 in January. The new Cray X is German Bionic’s fifth generation of the exoskeleton. The new model includes advances in assistive functions, environmental suitability, safety, and user interface.

The Cray X now assists two regions of the body. The exoskeleton helps with walking by pushing the wearer’s thighs from behind. The device also helps with lifting, adding up to 66 pounds of support with each lift. German Bionic claims that the new Cray X is tested to meet the IP54 standard for dust and waterproofing so it is now appropriate for extremely wet and dusty work environments inside and outdoors. A new safety feature called the Smart Safety Companion uses an integrated AI-based warning system to alert the user to poor posture and improper lifting behaviors. Employer managers can access a platform dashboard to monitor how wearers use the Cray X, which can in turn provide documentation for ESG (environment, social, governance) and sustainability reports. Finally, new onboarding software helps new users quickly start working safer with the exoskeleton, German Bionic states in a CES 2022 news release.

Constructed largely of carbon fiber structural components, which translates to lightness, strength, and durability, the Cray X uses a new 40-volt battery and energy management system which enables longer duration between charges. When the battery does run low, the user can hot swap the Cray X battery to minimize work interruptions.

CES 2022 attendees will be able to try out the new German Bionics Cray X in Las Vegas from January 5-8. To learn more about the Cray X or to schedule your own Cray X experience, contact German Bionics via this link.