Movia Robotics has launched three new digital health solutions designed to support care for autistic people and individuals with developmental delays. Two robotic assist aides, TheraPal Home and TheraPal Clinical Assist, provide digital interventions for use by healthcare professionals and families. The third product, TheraPal Progress Tracker, is a system that collects data during sessions with the new robotic aides to track an individual’s progress.

The TheraPal robots help children and adults develop social and cognitive skills through the gamification of evidence-based intervention models. Based on a personalized treatment plan, parents, therapists, and clinicians can use the robots to help neurodiverse individuals practice having conversations, making eye contact, and maintaining confidence in social situations. The system also offers activities and games for reading comprehension, math, auditory processing, personal hygiene, nutrition, and physical activity.

TheraPal Progress Tracker collects data for progress visualization, offering information about metrics such as gross and fine motor skills, reaction times, verbalization, and interpersonal coordination. A benefit of this innovative platform is that it removes bias and human error from the assessment process.

Likewise, the TheraPal robots may have advantages over human therapists and caregivers during interventions for developmentally delayed and autistic individuals. Robots don’t have off days or lose their patience. They can potentially remove barriers to treatment such as distance and social anxiety.

Unfortunately, at $200 a month and up, the cost will prevent many families from reaping those benefits. For those who can afford it, TheraPal Home allows families to provide their loved ones with fun, professional-quality skills-building activities in the home.