We’ve written about various wearable technologies that detect fatigue, including a hat, pants, and even an exoskeleton. Netherlands-based AirBliss+ plans to introduce GIBLI — a smart respirator that also detects fatigue and falls — at CESS 2022 in January. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has converted much of the world’s population to frequent mask use, GIBLI is a non-medical product intended for enterprise use designed to protect the wearer from hazards but not necessarily reduce disease transmission.

GIBLI is a half-mask Power Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR). The respirator apparatus weighs about 7 ounces and includes a patented-design custom fan that pulls air through particulate and gas filters. The fan answers common complaints from wearers that masks restrict their breathing and cause lightheadedness. In addition to the fan, filter set, and power supply, the respirator contains embedded electronics. The technology combines sensors for head posture and position, as well as breathing rate. After putting it on their face, the user pairs the respirator with their smartphone. The GIBLI app detects real-time event-based and continuous fatigue symptoms, according to AirBliss+. The app uses machine learning to discover the user’s behaviors and patterns to improve its analysis and response.

The GIBLI can detect harsh or polluted areas and alert the wearer to the danger and the safest action, according to a company press release. The app also can detect when a wearer falls and independently sends alerts for emergency assistance. The aim is to reduce risk when GIBLI wearers are working in polluted, high dust, or high smoke areas to protect the workers’ health while reducing severe incidents and productivity loss.