AppliedVR, a team of dreamers helping healthcare move forward through technology-based solutions, has achieved a major breakthrough in the VR tech after getting a recent FDA approval for marketing of EaseVRx: a VR therapeutic system for the management of chronic lower back pain in patients 18 years and above. 

EaseVRx has proven useful in pain management in various clinical studies. The FDA evaluated its safety and effectiveness through a randomized, double-blind clinical trial. The participants were enrolled in one of two 8-week programs offered by EaseVRx. A series of follow-ups within a timeframe of 8.5 months indicated a 30% reduction in chronic pain among 66% of the participants. No serious adverse events were reported by any participant. 

The VR gear uses principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other similar behavioral therapy techniques to reduce pain in its users. It’s an at-home, self-use VR headset that comes with a Breathing Amplifier to assist the user in deep breathing exercises.

The 8-week skills-based treatment program by EaseVRx consists of 56 VR sessions. Each session is 2-16 minutes long and incorporates the principles of CBT to train the user to achieve relief from psychological symptoms of pain and its interference in daily activities. 

The therapeutic sessions include principles of deep relaxation, perspective-taking, attention-shifting, interoceptive awareness, immersive enjoyment, distraction, acceptance, self-compassion, visualization, healthy movement, knowledge of pain, and rehabilitation.

FDA approval for marketing of EaseVRx could help millions of US adults manage their chronic lower back pain though non-invasive, non-pharmacological ways.