The U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate when compared to 10 other developed nations. Of the 700 pregnancy-related deaths occurring each year in the country, two-thirds are deemed preventable. To protect mother and child during labor, PeriGen Inc.—a company that provides software-based solutions for safe deliveries—has introduced a new, AI-based solution

Mothers can now deliver their babies more safely with the aid of PeriWatch Vigilance Mobile. PeriWatch Vigilance allows OB-GYNs and nurses to monitor maternal vital signs and Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) remotely through an IT-approved connectivity method. 

With the increasing burnout of perinatal nurses and pandemic-driven shortage of skilled nurses, it is becoming extremely difficult for L&D (Labor and delivery) nurses to track and document various characteristics and provide the complete picture to the obstetricians, who are often attending the patients remotely. 

The AI solution by PeriGen provides an analysis of maternal vital signs, fetal heart rate, contractions, and labor progression. It tracks hundreds of patients across multiple regions and sorts and color-codes them according to predefined characteristic measures and warns the clinician based on the level of urgency.

It provides remote obstetricians with real-time data along with access to an early warning system (EWS) and clinical decision support tool. This ensures 24/7 unit oversight and timely consultation with L&D nurses. 

Overall, the browser-based solution enhances clinical efficiency, while allowing for timely intervention and a better standard of care.