EarlySense has been named as a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for InSight+ which is a new, at-home version of InSight, the company’s innovative, clinical-grade non-contact monitoring system. EarlySense will showcase the pre-market, investigational device at the Innovation Awards showcase at CES 2022. InSight+ will also be featured in the EarlySense CES exhibit suite.

Like its predecessor, the InSight+ system uses an under-the-mattress sensor to record patient vital signs, sleep, and movements continuously. Biometrics measured include breathing patterns, respiratory rate, heart rate, heart rate variability, and movement activity levels. It also records sleep stages, sleep quality, and the amount of time to fall asleep and wake up.

Using secure cellular data technology, the system sends biometric data to the cloud via a cellular hub, which integrates with various care management systems and provider dashboards. Patients don’t need to have a WiFi or Internet connection to use InSight+ at home.

Based on large datasets from EarlySense monitors in hospital settings, the platform’s AI algorithm compares vitals measurements to more than 11 data points related to sleep. It can flag specific indicators, provide insights, and create visuals to assist providers in identifying the early signs of concerning changes in patient health.

Because InSight+ uses the same medical-grade technology as InSight, it could provide a high accuracy option for continuous, passive, off-site patient monitoring. Continuous monitoring improves chronic disease management and reduces the risk of unexpected health events. That means patients with chronic cardiac and respiratory conditions can remain in their homes, improving quality of life and decreasing healthcare costs. Medical-grade home monitoring can also free up hospital beds, addressing the ongoing issue of increasing patient volumes due to factors like the growing percentage of U.S. adults over age 65 and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.