Poor sleep is one of the most pressing issues of our lives… and it’s getting worse, especially with the current COVID pandemic. In a study of 13,062 respondents from 49 countries, 40 percent of participants had poor sleep. Apollo Neuro Sleep Study is among various efforts to help people improve their sleep. 

It is a remote observational study conducted by Apollo Neuroscience to see how Apollo Neuro affects the quality of sleep and cardiovascular metrics. Researchers have already released the preliminary results of the study. 

Apollo Neuro is a wearable device with touch therapy to help users rebalance their nervous system and sleep better by adapting to stress more effectively. It can be worn on the wrist or ankle. The device is connected to the Apollo neuro App that has seven modes to choose from, including Sleep and Renew mode designed to quieten the mind and help the user go into a restful sleep. 

The study is designed to follow Apollo Neuro users’ sleep and cardiovascular metrics with the help of Oura Ring, a ring-shaped health tracking device that measures various parameters during daytime and sleep, for instance, resting heart rate, light, deep, and REM sleep, sleep quality, nighttime movements, activities levels, calories burnt, and others. 

The Apollo Neuro Sleep Study is ongoing research with new participants added frequently. So far, the preliminary results show

  • 14% average increase in REM sleep
  • 19% average increase in deep sleep
  • 6% average increase in total sleep time
  • 11% average increase in heart rate variability
  • 4% average decrease in resting heart rate

These numbers show improved sleep in the participants. Final results can help guide developers on how effective Apollo Neuro is in improving the quality of sleep. 

Applications to join the study are still open for Oura Ring users. The study group can be joined here