Patients undergoing orthodontic care can experience disappointment when an orthodontist sends them back because the tooth hasn’t moved enough yet. If only there was a way to access patients’ intraoral scans without them visiting the office. We could then avoid unnecessary visits and make in-office visits more efficient. A new device for smartphones could solve this problem. 

DentalMonitoring — the pioneer of introducing artificial intelligence in dental care — has launched a ScanBoxpro, a new product for orthodontic patient monitoring. It’s a portable device that patients can use anywhere and anytime to send their AI-powered scans to their orthodontist. It has a smart design for easy storage and is suitable for patients 6 and above. 

The hardware of ScanBoxpro has two component: a cheek retractor tube and a smartphone holder.

The cheek retractor tube is attached to the phone support. The hardware is paired with the DentalMonitoring app. To get their scans, patients need to insert the cheek retractor tube into the smartphone holder, place the smartphone in the holder, open the DM app for shots, and then insert the cheek retractor into the mouth. The entire assembly is adjusted to keep the camera focused in the center. The voice-powered app helps adjust the camera. 

When frontal scans are complete, the camera makes a click sound for the user to know they can now adjust ScanBoxpro for scans from another angle. Patients can shift the scan box to the left and right sides to get lateral views of their teeth. Palatal scans are taken by slightly tilting the head backwards; lingual ones are taken by adjusting the head position downwards.

The app saves the scans and does some calculations on the amount of tooth movement. The orthodontist can remotely monitor oral changes and adjust the patient’s appointments for optimized use of in-office visits. 

ScanBoxpro is highly beneficial as it provides consistent quality images required to track orthodontic treatment with braces, aligners, and retainers. It could help prevent missed appointments and bring orthodontic care to the comfort of our homes.