Here’s another sign that the digital health industry is maturing; MCube, a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) motion sensors, is rebranding as Movella. The name change signifies the company’s broadened scope in movement data and follows acquisitions of Xsens in 2017 and Kinduct in 2020.

MCube is a San Jose-based global leader in MEMS, which are crucial components in tracking movement in the Internet of Things (IoT). Xsens, with headquarters in Enschede, Netherlands, develops motion tracking technology. Kinduct, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, adds athlete and health data management platforms to the mix. With its integration of related motion-centric technologies, Movella will focus on providing movement data analysis to four markets: entertainment, sports, health, and industrial.

Our primary area of interest from Movella’s four markets is health. According to the new Movella website, its health solutions focus on “Helping people lead better lives by removing the barriers to human movement.” More specifically, Movella intends to develop solutions the assist people with limited movement due to pain, injury, congenital deficiencies, and psychological trauma. Movella will access motion data to make AI-driven recommendations for exercises to improve movement.

Movella’s enterprise growth and survival will not depend solely on health-related technology and solutions, which bodes well for the company’s future success in the still-emerging digital health industry. Movella’s rebranding following acquisitions also demonstrates that company founders and directors with big dreams and plans don’t have to invent or develop every part of their envisioned world-changing solutions. It is also a sign of maturation for an industry that has experienced explosive growth, and we expect to see more health tech companies growing through acquisition in the near future.