GoodRx – a company dedicated to helping people access affordable healthcare – has launched GoodRx Health, a digital health information resource that offers research-based answers to health questions. The platform covers four main areas of health: health knowledge, financial guidance, drug FAQs, and reliable research results. It offers answers to disease questions, guidance on healthcare insurance and finance, articles on drug information, savings tips on pharma purchases, news from public health and research, general advice in health and well-being, and even information on pet health. 

Backed by a team of doctors, pharmacists, public health experts, well-being professionals, and journalists, GoodRx Health is dedicated to bringing research-based information to the general public in a clear and simple way. From writing pharmaceutical information like What’s the Best Allergy Medication? to answering questions on Medicare like Are There Any Changes to Medicare Prescription Drug Plans in 2021?, to offering expert advice on daily health questions such as How Long Should I Nap For?, GoodRx Health is quickly becoming an information directory for almost all domains of health. 

GoodRx has decades of experience in offering resources for healthcare savings. The new GoodRx Health project has already published hundreds of health articles on important topics like diabetes, vaccines, heart diseases and more. 

A unique feature of GoodRx Health is the four formats it uses to help the consumers. 

  1. GoodRx Answers: where consumers can get concise, actionable advice delivered through experts in the field
  2. Health Wizards: custom decision tools that help consumers make wiser choices, such as choosing the best Medicare plan
  3. Video Explainers: dozens of health topics in easy-to-understand videos by America’s leading experts 
  4. Health Debunked: reports that cover the latest research and debunk falsehoods

GoodRx Health is a valuable addition to the GoodRx portfolio. With 20 million people already visiting GoodRx every month, the addition of a health information resource will help millions to access credible and helpful information for their health conditions.