Age-related macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, and other low vision conditions present many challenges to the patients. We have written extensively on technology that helps visually impaired people; for example, we wrote about IrisVision 3.5, a smartphone-based smart glasses, about two years ago.

A downside of IrisVision 3.5 was its bulky structure as the headset required the housing of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to power the IrisVision software. A new, updated version of the glasses is now available as IrisVision Inspire. It is almost half the weight of its predecessor, at only 172 grams. It also features a soft and removable eye guard that can completely block the light when needed. Inspire does not house a Galaxy smartphone to power its software; it is simply tethered to the smartphone by a cable. 

Just like its predecessor, IrisVision Inspire employs a software lens technology that restores functional vision by using the working areas of the eyes. It has a simple, easy to use design and comes with an Internet connectivity, voice control option, instant autofocus, and up to 14X magnification. 

Inspire is a preferable option for customers who seek a sleek solution and a comfortable vision aid design. It is available for purchase only in the US at or through authorized dealers for a one-time $3,995 charge that includes IrisVision headset, fast charger, training guides, display unit, carrying case, lanyard, headstrap, and ear clips. Free remote support, 3 personal coaching sessions with IrisVision support team, a 24-month cellular data contract, and free software updates are also included in the purchase. 

IrisVision also offers installment plans for as low as $149/month. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year hardware warranty.