Award-winning predictive health platform One Drop has announced a new partnership with Withings, a pioneer of connected health devices. The partnership will make a selection of Withings’ medical-grade smart devices available to One Drop members living with diabetes and other chronic conditions. 

Qualifying members of One Drop’s employer program can now receive a Withings Body smart scale or a Withings BPM Connect smart blood pressure monitor. One Drop’s app integrates with these devices as well as the One Drop glucose meter. Users can now track blood pressure and body weight along with blood sugar, A1C, physical activity, diet, and medications in one app.

The One Drop app also provides health insights powered by robust AI analytics; one-on-one professional health coaching; and evidence-based strategies for managing chronic conditions to prevent further complications. Members benefit from personalized health management plans that empower them to make informed decisions and invest in healthier behaviors.

Based on behavioral science, clinical trials have shown that using the One Drop app helps users develop habits that have a real impact on their health. According to these studies, One Drop assists members in exercising more frequently, eating fewer carbs, reducing A1C levels, and lowering individual healthcare costs. Withings introduced the first smart scale in 2009. The company’s product portfolio now includes connected watches, thermometers, and sleep and blood pressure monitors in addition to weight scales.

Both One Drop’s platform and Withing’s connected devices offer expanding data streams that continue to level up insights for providers and researchers. A partnership between two innovators such as these suggests that digital health has reached a new level of maturity, both as a market and as a powerful tool that supports better health and better healthcare.