Warby Parker is best known for disrupting the prescription eyeglasses industries with relatively inexpensive online frame and lenses fulfillment . Since the company started in 2011, Warby Parker introduced new programs, technologies, and apps all focused on simplifying the process and saving money for people who wear glasses or contact lenses.

This week Warby Parker introduced the Virtual Vision Test by Warby Parker. The new app does not replace comprehensive eye exams in an eyecare professional’s office. The app can save hassle, time, and money for people whose prescription doesn’t change from year to year. The Virtual Vision Test app is currently available for iPhone X and above smartphones only. The user also must meet specific requirements. Eligible app users must see well with their existing glasses or contacts, have an existing single-vision distance prescription, have no eye health concerns, and be between the ages of 18 and 65.

After the user downloads the Virtual Vision Test app and successfully answers the eligibility questions, the app leads the user through a 10-minute vision test. Warby Parker developers built the app using Apple’s Vision Framework to accurately ascertain the distance between the user and the smartphone. After the user completes the test, a doctor reviews the test result. If the user is eligible to renew their current prescription, they are charged $15 for a new eyeglass or contact lens prescription. If the user cannot renew their current prescription based on the test results, there is no charge.

The Virtual Vision Test doesn’t replace eye doctors, but it can save a lot of unnecessary hassle for people whose prescriptions remain the same but expire every year.