Remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telemedicine are major themes in our health tech coverage these days. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated telemedicine adoption, but we have been writing about telemonitoring and telehealth applications since 2014. Essence SmartCare recently launched the VitalOn RPM platform for active seniors and older adults. VitalOn stands out for its comprehensive inclusiveness.

VitalOn is an always-on platform for continuous wellness monitoring and chronic condition management. The VitalOn system includes an impressive range of Bluetooth Low Energy medical devices that connect via a single gateway. The various VitalOn sensors monitor vital signs plus well-being parameters that may be particularly significant for older adults with chronic conditions. The devices currently included in the VitalOn solution are a pulse oximeter, weight scale, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, blood glucose meter, and a wearable activity/sleep tracker. Essence SmartCare partners with manufacturers of the devices that are all FDA-cleared and CE-marked. The devices monitor continuously and transmit data to a real-time clinical dashboard that is in turn monitored by Essence SmartCare care teams.

The VitalOn platform is primarily intended for home use, tracking users both inside and outside their homes. As users engage in favored activities and go about their daily lives, the platform provides a direct connection to their healthcare teams. This comprehensive approach to telehealth and RPM is much more inclusive and response than systems that monitor single or limited biometric data sets.