Kiio, a digital solution for musculoskeletal pain, offers health plans and employers an evidence-based option to address their members’ knee, hip, back, and neck pain. Client data studies show that using Kiio both lowered opioid use and reduced medical spending. Kiio recently added WPS Health Insurance, a large benefits company serving Wisconsin, to its roster of partnerships.

Made available through each partners’ digital platform, Kiio’s technology delivers on-demand therapeutic exercise, interactive virtual coaching, and patient education on a smart device. Kiio’s algorithms respond to member feedback for continuous personalization; the program tracks progress and makes adjustments as the user gains strength and flexibility. In addition, the app sends alerts, coaching messages, and provides optional live support.

Longitudinal data studies have been conducted in partnership with insurance companies such as WEA Trust and Quartz Health Solutions, and a national retail employer. For example, the WEA Trust study showed a 90% decrease in both ER/urgent care visits and pain management injections and a 67% decrease in radiofrequency ablation procedures. Kiio users filled 66% fewer benzodiazepine prescriptions and use of opioids decreased 24%.

Employees of the national retail employer reported an average of 61% reduction in pain as well as a 61% improvement in function after just one week. Eighty-five percent said Kiio taught them how to manage their pain better; 92% said they would recommend the platform.

By increasing member convenience and compliance, Kiio minimizes the need for in-person physical therapy and orthopedic visits. In addition, as companies such as WPS Health expand their digital healthcare programs, Kiio provides an opportunity to expand access to non-opioid pain management and pain prevention.