New York City-based Eyenovia developed new eye medication delivery technology that promises to improve dose management. The OpteJet device uses a mist rather than drops to dispense medication. According to Eyenovia, patients who use the Optejet will enjoy its ease of use. Patients will no longer need to a steady hand and tilt their head for doses. All they will need to do is open their eye and touch a single button. Patients can use the Optejet standing or sitting.

The Optejet shoots a low velocity mist of precisely measured eye medication onto the cornea. According to Eyenovia, traditional eye drop dispensers result in significant medication waste and up to 300% over-overdosing. The Optejet is currently undergoing several clinical studies regarding the effectiveness of Optejet in microdosing patients with medications for mydriasis (pupil dilation), presbyopia (near vision blur), and progressive myopia in children (nearsightedness).

Optejet is still in development and not yet approved for use. Eyenovia is working on electronics built into the Optejet devices that will enable remote patient monitoring via personalized therapeutic programs. When this smart tech is fully functional and the Optejet clears the regulatory hurdles, physicians will be able to track patient compliance. An associated app will send alerts when the medication is running low and patients will be able to share information with their care team via the platform.

Improved medication adherence can help reduce treatable vision problems, improving the quality of life for patients and reducing costs.