Remote patient monitoring (RPM) continues to rack up significant new medical care applications. Paris-based Tilak Healthcare recently announced a pilot program with Novartis to use Tilak’s OdySight remote vision monitoring app. Following an earlier successful collaboration in France, Tilak and Novartis agreed in 2020 to extend the joint project to the U.S. The new pilot program will run in select regions in the U.S. and Novartis will educate participating U.S. physicians in how to use the app.

OdySight includes vision tests that monitor chronic eye diseases including age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and diabetic macular edema. The OdySight app gamifies visual acuity tests and the Amsler Grid test. Each time a patient completes a test they unlock a puzzle in a game. The OdySight app tracks patient test results. When the app detects significant changes in a patient’s vision, the app notifies the patient’s physician. Medical personnel can also observe the patient test data via a secure portal between office visits.

Patients take the prescribed tests at home using OdySight app between regularly scheduled physician visits. If patients adhere to the program, they improve the odds that their health care teams can intervene in a timely manner to adjust treatments for slowly progressing conditions.

Digital therapeutics and health-related apps are rapidly become standard parts of the healthcare toolkits.