Healthcare providers and practices using ZyterHome, a comprehensive remote patient monitoring solution by Zyter, can now opt-in for a free patient support feature. ZyterHome Assist provides the practice and patient with a dedicated specialist. The specialist assists the practice when onboarding with ZyterHome, and functions as the patient contact for enrollment, device support, troubleshooting, and follow-up communication.

In addition to ZyterHome, Zyter’s products include cloud-based digital health systems designed to improve care quality. These platforms support care team collaboration, minimize administrative tasks, integrate medical records, and offer no-contact, virtual visits and monitoring for providers and hospitals. The company makes ZyterAlert, a thermal camera network for medical centers and businesses that uses thermal imaging to detect elevated body temperature.

ZyterHome connects 4G enabled devices patients use at home — such as a blood pressure cuff, blood glucose monitor, or digital body weight scale — with software the provider uses to monitor chronic health conditions. The user-friendly, preconfigured patient devices connect to the Zyter cloud service over a 4G or LTE connection, so there’s no need to connect to Wi-Fi or pair with another device through Bluetooth. The platform encourages patient engagement, potentially improving adherence to treatment and monitoring protocols for hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, and other conditions.

The healthcare practice accesses the data through a website dashboard. ZyterHome sends alerts regarding any abnormal patient data, increasing the potential for early intervention or emergency care for a life-threatening event. Providers can initiate a telehealth visit from the ZyterHome dashboard, either for urgent situations or routine checkups, reducing the need for in-person visits.

The new ZyterHome Assist feature benefits both the practice and the patient. Individuals will appreciate the quick, easy resolution of technical issues, another factor that boosts compliance and patient satisfaction. The specialist also takes care of at-home supply delivery subscriptions and liaise with medical device vendors on behalf of patients. For practices, ZyterHome Assist frees staff from managing patient concerns to focus on delivering quality healthcare.