You don’t have to be a scientist — or even a music enthusiast — to understand the power of music. Anyone who’s ever mellowed out to the stylings of sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar, or felt the melancholy ache brought on by Bach’s Prelude to the Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, or chased away the post-breakup blues by blasting Dua Lippa’s “Don’t Start Now,” gets that music can transform the emotional state of the listener.

Nevertheless, a wealth of scientific research indicates that music positively affects everything from mental health to cardiac conditions to neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Based on this growing body of evidence, GoMo Health has incorporated GoMo Music, The Sounds of Healing, into its Concierge Care digital therapeutic platform.

Designed for providers, health plans, employers, and other organizations, Concierge Care delivers personalized, behaviorally-based resources and support to patients in their home environment. Intended to empower individuals in their own healing, self-care, and lifestyle choices, the platform also supports provider-patient communication, remote monitoring, and electronic self-reporting of patient outcomes.

The company’s Personal Concierge platform engages individuals managing behavioral health conditions, diabetes, cancer, and cardiac concerns, as well as parents of newborns and others in complex health situations. The service is founded upon cognitive and psychological techniques that encourage healthy, moment-to-moment actions and choices.

To create a library of research-based sounds, GoMo Health turned to the experts behind Musical Medication, a subscription service that streams healing sounds based on the science of tone and tuning. A team of musical strategists, composers, producers, and clinicians from Musical Medication curated a continually expanding collection of relaxing and energizing frequencies and harmonies. Through GoMo Music, Personal Concierge users can access sounds, music, and meditations that reduce stress, motivate, and foster resiliency.