Simplifying technology improves the chances that ordinary folks will use it. GetWellNetwork‘s GetWell Anywhere mobile telehealth platform provides patients and their families a single digital access point during all stages of a medical procedure. Patients use GetWell Anywhere from pre-procedure consultations and preparation through post recovery care. One of GetWell Anywhere’s greatest advantages is patients can use their own smartphones or tablets to engage on the platform.

We write about telemedicine and remote patient management (RPM) often. Patient and care provider RPM adoption increased rapidly during the pandemic because RPM allowed patients and medial personnel to avoid contact, lessening their risk of infection. RPM also eases the strain on hospital resources. Digital sensors play an important role in RPM as they monitor and transmit patient vital signs and other data to care teams.

According to GetWellNetwork, patients are most vulnerable during transitions of care. Care transitions include stages such as moving from surgical recovery to inpatient monitoring, then to outpatient home care. Physicians can use the platform to send educational information to patients and family members and to give families status updates while a patient is in the hospital. Care personnel can also contact patients via the network to check on their progress, prepare them for the next steps, and answer questions. Patients can order meals, ask questions, report problems and difficulties, and more.

In addition to providing a single communications platform for all involved parties, GetWell Anywhere lets patients connect with their own phones or tablets. Familiarity with personal devices removes the barriers and difficulties that can occur with new devices and interfaces. Patients who are comfortable with their own devices are more likely to get the greatest advantage of the platform during all stages of care.