Who needs wearables when you have computer vision technology? (Don’t worry. Wearables aren’t going anywhere.) But Omada Health understands that for physical therapists (PTs), visual assessment is key to personalizing an effective treatment plan for patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Omada Health has announced its adding computer vision technology to its virtual physical therapy platform.

More than just a camera, Omada Health’s computer vision technology allows patients to record themselves performing selected motions using the Omada Health app. The platform uses data analytics to assess range-of-motion and other factors that indicate the presence and severity of musculoskeletal conditions.

Patient’s who sign up for Omada’s musculoskeletal virtual therapy program begin with an initial video consultation with a member of the company’s team of licensed PTs. The PT then designs a personalized therapy program. Administered through the Omada Health app, patients perform a customized series of exercises using guided, 3D animations.

The platform offers ongoing personal support and routine video check-ins. The new computer vision technology lets PTs examine individual patient videos and access analytics that help them design or adjust therapy plans for better personalization and results.

Virtual physical therapy has many benefits; it reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection and makes quality physical therapy available to medically underserved areas. It makes it easier for patients to fit treatment into their schedules. Because physical therapy can naturally relieve muscle, bone, and joint pain, increased virtual access to licensed PTs could help curb the devastating opioid epidemic in the United States.

Presumably inspired by these benefits, Evernorth, Cigna’s health services branch, will soon offer Omada Health’s virtual musculoskeletal program in its Digital Health Formulary. The service recommends digital health solutions for employers to include with employee health plans based on evaluations performed by a team of pharmacists, scientists, and other experts.