How long should hearables last between charges? Put another way, whether you rely on over the counter (OTC) hearing assistive devices or prescription-only hearing aids, how many hours do you want them to run before you need to recharge or replace the batteries? The answer may vary by personal preference, certainly, but if you rely on hearables in order to function or for quality of life, that answer is easy: They have to last as long as your longest day. If your days run longer 24 hours, for example, what do you do if your hearing device batteries need recharging while you’re still charging forward? Perhaps if you’re using OTC hearables for mild to moderate hearing impairment you don’t mind paying for two or even three sets of devices. If you need medically-prescribed devices for severe to profound hearing loss, however, multiple sets of $4K to $5K devices isn’t in the cards for most of us.

Perhaps Denmark-based hearing aid company Signia had enthusiastic workaholics who eschew normal sleep patterns in mind (raising my hand here) when they designed their latest model. Signia rates its AI-driven Motion Charge&Go SP X hearing aids at up to 61 hours running time between charges. The new model’s extended battery life isn’t its only bragging point. Motion Charge&Go SP X hearing aids employ Signia’s Xperience sound engine for high-definition audio, enhanced speech understanding from all directions, and what the company refers to as Automatic Situation Detection. Automatic Situation Detection uses acoustic-motion sensors to adapt to changing sound environments. The same hearing aids use Bluetooth streaming for phone calls, music, and TV.

The Motion Charge&Go SP X hearing aids are prescription-only, but you can use the Signia Assistant in an associated smartphone app to customize your listening in any environment. You can also use the Signia app to contact your hearing professional for assistance. There are two other models in Signia’s AI-powered Motion lineup. The Motion Charge&Go PX runs up to 30 hours per charge and the Motion Charge&Go X is good for up to 24 hours per charge. So the major difference between those models and the Motion Charge&Go SP X is the incredibly long battery life.

Can you guess what the “SP” stands for in the product name? According to Signia, the SP stands for Super Power because the enhanced battery life is so much greater than normal hearing aids. I have no idea how much Signia Motion Charge&Go SP X hearing aids cost because prescription hearing aid companies don’t tell. You’d have to work out the price with a hearing professional. I’m sure they’re pricey. However, if you work or play long hours, or just want to be sure your hearing aids have the longest running time possible between charges, the extra cost could very well be worth it.