Vivos Therapeutics has announced the launch of VivoScore, a comprehensive home sleep apnea test. VivoScore includes a wearable sensor ring and a mobile app with cloud-based AI that evaluates sleep quality to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Subjects can wear it as they sleep at home in their own bed, rather than having to spend the night in a sleep lab.

Adults and children who have symptoms of OSA often go undiagnosed because they want to avoid the inconvenience and costs of an overnight polysomnogram (sleep study) conducted at an onsite sleep clinic. The comfortable VivoScore smart ring and the integrated app offer simplicity and ease of use compared to some existing at-home sleep apnea tests. VivoScore has diagnosed OSA with 98.9% accuracy compared to polysomnogram results.

The single-sensor ring uses SleepImage, an FDA-cleared cardiopulmonary coupling technology designed by MyCardio LLC. Worn overnight, the ring records sleep quality, pulse oximetry, heart rate, and sleep apnea events. This information is transmitted to the mobile app and evaluated using cloud-based algorithms.

Dentists trained in the Vivos System, an OSA treatment system designed by Vivos Therapeutics, can use the at-home test to screen patients with sleep apnea symptoms. Once a physician confirms the diagnosis, they can enter the Vivos System program under the dentist’s care. The Vivos System uses AI to design a personalized airway treatment plan using an intraoral device, based on oral images obtained with sophisticated imaging technology.

At-home sleep apnea tests such as VivoScore improve the chance that patients with OSA obtain an accurate diagnosis. Proper treatment for OSA helps patients avoid the associated risks for high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, other severe complications.