A new Temperature Scanning System showcased at CES 2021 has won a 2021 BIG Innovation Award. Presented by the Business Intelligence Group, the award recognizes the radio frequency-based system by Powercast as a product with the potential to improve community health. The contactless system requires no batteries, making it efficient and affordable to maintain

Designed to enhance safety in the workplace, the Powercast Temperature Scanning System uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology embedded in a personalized key fob. Before entering the building, an employee holds the fob near an RFID reader checkpoint. The reader uses an RF transmitter to power up the fob quickly, and then the employee uses the fob to scan their own forehead. The temperature then appears on the checkpoint monitor; employees with a fever aren’t permitted to enter. 

We explained more about the RFID technology in our coverage of the Powercast system last year. The system eliminates person-to-person contact in the temperature scanning process. It also has some contact tracing capabilities because each employee receives a unique key fob. 

But temperature scanning still has limitations in preventing disease spread. According to an April 2020 study, only 55.5% of individuals with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis develop a fever. And an infected person can become contagious before they experience any symptoms.

The BIG Innovation Award team reviews hundreds of submissions from all over the world. The Powercast system was recognized along with 106 other solutions in the products category. Fifty-two companies and seven individuals also earned awards for potentially transformative innovations.