We’ve used smartphone hearing test apps with hearables such NuHeara’s IQ Buds, Wear & Hear’s BeHear Access, and the Olive. The tests generally require that you wear earbuds and indicate by tapping in the app when you can hear various frequency sounds in each ear. The test results indicate your relative hearing acuity, information that you then use to adjust the settings for the hearing assistance wearables. In some cases — such as with NuHeara’s hearables — the test software stores your personal profiles for each earpiece. Most hearing test apps are similar, but each usually designed for a specific hearable product.

Berlin-based Mimi Hearing Technologies is a 7-year-old digital healthcare hearing test and sound personalization concern. The companies’ Mimi Health subsidiary recently announced a collaboration with Graz, Austria-based Everlisten to provide general purpose hearing test software. Mimi Health introduced the new hearing test software specifically for younger generations. The new test is CE registered as a Class 1 medical device according to the European Union Medical Device Directives (MDD).

Founded in early 2020, Everlisten’s mission is to promote health and healthy living awareness among young people. The new hearing test is available now for download for both iOS and Android devices. There are two screening test choices: Masked Threshold Test (MT) and Pure Tone Threshold Test (PTT). In each case you indicate by touching a circle on a smartphone screen when you hear a beeping sound and release the touch when the sound disappears. The MT test measures the the softest level of sound you can hear with loud background noise. The PTT test measures the lowest sound intensity you can hear in a quiet setting.

Hearing impairment is common among older adults. Because the impairment typically gets worse gradually over time, many adults don’t realize they have a hearing problem until it progresses from mild to moderate levels. As with many ailments and medical conditions, early detection and intervention can minimize or slow down hearing impairment progression.

The Mimi Hearing Test is free and easy to self-administer. The test is helpful for anyone who is curious about their hearing but doesn’t feel compelled to seek a medical appointment. The Mimi Hearing Test isn’t intended to replace visits to an audiologist, but it may help people of any age realize they probably should make an appointment or at least look for a hearable that can help.