Biotricity, a health technology company focused on chronic disease management, showcased a new personal heart monitor at Pepcom’s Digital Experience at CES 2021. Known as Bioheart, the wearable chest band sports a sensor that continuously collects cardiovascular data and monitors additional health metrics.

Unlike heart rate monitors worn on the wrist, the Bioheart device sits in the center of the chest, just below the ribcage. The hard plastic sensor case contains dry lead electrodes. While wrist monitors typically provide only single-channel readings, Bioheart records a three-channel electrocardiograph (ECG). That means the device records waveforms from cardiac electric signals detected by three sensor locations, thus collecting more data. The device also monitors respiration, physical activity, and calories burned.

Bioheart contains the same ECG monitoring software as Bioflux, Biotricity’s clinical heart monitoring system for cardiac patients. That technology has received clearance from the FDA. Designed specifically for those at risk or diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, healthy individuals can also use Bioheart to track personal health.

Bioheart’s flexible chest band allows users to wear the device comfortably during their daily lives, workouts, and other activities. Users can even sleep in the device if they choose. The extended battery life allows Bioheart to collect data for 48 hours continuously, and requires only one hour to recharge.

Consumer-grade, high-quality heart monitoring could have advantages over existing fitness tractors. The granularity of three-channel recording can help to accurately identify biomarkers that predict dangerous cardiac events, such as arrhythmias. They can also provide a clearer overall picture of heart health.

These advantages give providers valuable insight into heart conditions. They also benefit individuals who want to understand their cardiovascular health in more detail. Bioheart, scheduled to hit the market in June, 2021, may level up how wearables help people with cardiac concerns.