A group of retirees travels together to see the Pyramids of Giza, just outside of Cairo. As they enter the site, a woman tilts her head to the side, pondering the Sphinx. Two men set their sights on the Great Pyramid, while others in the group slowly take in the entire breathtaking scene. Don’t worry, these individuals haven’t risked their health to fly to Egypt during a global pandemic. This group of seniors lives in a nursing home and enjoys the beauty of the Pyramids in vivid detail through Rendever’s VR technology.

As demonstrated in Rendevor’s exhibit at CES 2021 (part of the AARP’s CES Innovation Labs), everyone in the group wears a VR headset displaying the same 3D Pyramid experience. Individuals control which part of the scene they wish to observe. At times, others join them but then they go their separate ways, just as happens in a typical tour group. Nursing home staff select and manage the content from a tablet. Friends and family can also join from a remote location. All the seniors have to do is put on the VR headset, and they’re instantly transported to virtually any location.

Rendever’s technology has a creative, flexible approach to fighting isolation and depression in seniors. Designed specifically for older adults, the platform offers a seemingly endless library of location content, from popular destinations to zoomed-in coordinates. Personalized locations help provide “reminiscence therapy,” a technique that engages the senses of dementia patients to stimulate memory recall. Users might choose to stroll past their childhood home, return to the place where they got married, or relive a favorite vacation.

The platform also stimulates cognitive skills by allowing users to visit new places and participate in activities they’ve never tried before. They can enjoy the satisfaction of checking off a bucket list item or simply enjoying a beautiful, peaceful setting. By letting residents and family members travel together, Rendever helps build new memories. Sharing in the responses, laughter, and pleasure that come with new experiences strengthens bonds, both old and new.

In use across North America and Australia, Rendever announced in November 2020 its first partnership with a government health organization, Health PEI, the public health system of Canada’s Prince Edward Island. By helping older adults see the world, Rendever could potentially enhance quality-of-life for seniors around the globe.