Multimedia Care has announced the launch of Health Checkpoint, a contactless scanner that boosts COVID-19 prevention in schools and workplaces. Designed to protect students, employees, and frontline workers, Health Checkpoint offers a one-stop entrance point safety station. The new scanner aims to enhance safety checks by streamlining the process, reducing human error, and increasing adherence to CDC guidelines with intuitive digital tools.

Health Checkpoint comes in two plug-and-play models, Slim Tech and Monolith. Slim Tech offers a smaller footprint, the slender technology mount suspended at torso height within a metal frame. The Monolith is a sturdy, rectangular block with tech elements mounted in an aesthetic, asymmetrical arrangement. Both models feature a thermographic camera, touchless hand-sanitizer dispenser, programmable message screen, and surface space for company branding.

Users can scan a QR barcode to receive instructions and information via their smartphones. The thermographic camera detects body temperature and provides mask verification. When Health Check detects a temperature at or above 99.5 F, it alerts the user with a private message. In addition to contactless sanitizer dispensing, the unit includes a sanitizing shoe mat that cleans the soles of shoes prior to entrance.

By focusing on preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus, Multimedia Care hopes that Health Checkpoint will reassure parents, students, and workers as they return to the office and in-person classes. The sleek design and straightforward functionality will likely appeal to a broad range of businesses and institutions. Because it’s easy to set up and easy to use, these scanners could also benefit entertainment venues, medical centers, public transportation, and retail stores, among others.