The subject of this article brought tears to my eyes. We often write about new technology and developments in prosthetic arms and hands, We covered topics such as adding sensation to existing prosthetics, 3D-printed prosthetics with Superhero graphics, and various methods of training prosthetics from reinforcement learning to machine learning-enabled mind control. Rhinebeck, New York-based Unlimited Tomorrow uses 3D scanners and 3D printers to create personalized prosthetics with significantly lower costs than conventional prosthetics. The company leaders are especially passionate about creating advanced prosthetics for children; that’s what evokes a lump in my throat when I watch the website’s banner video.

Unlimited Tomorrow currently works with amputees with either transradial or wrist articulation amputations. After an initial screening to determine if a person is a candidate for a TrueLimb prosthesis, Unlimited Tomorrow ships a 3D scanner for a friend or family member to scan the patient’s residual limb, The company describes this process as “taking a digital cast” of the limb. Next, the candidate selects a skin tone from more than 450 choices on a chart included with the 3d scanner kit. Unlimited Tomorrow then sends a series of test sockets personalized for the candidate. This stage is repeated until a test socket fits perfectly. Once the correctly adjusted socket and prosthetic limb are finished, the company ships the personalized TrueLimb to the recipient. A TrueLimb prosthetic performs multiple grip functions with six individual grips along with individual finger control. Intuitive built-in muscle sensors enable the recipient to learn how to train and use the device.

A TrueLimb prosthetic costs $7,995, which Tomorrow Unlimited claims is 20% of the price of conventional prosthetics. After the initial purchase, recipients can upgrade the device for half price, which would be especially helpful for TrueLimbs for children as they grow. There are plenty of testimonials on the Unlimited Tomorrow website from adult TrueLimb recipients, but the heart-warming, absolute joy on the faces of the children in the introductory video attest to the difference the TrueLimb makes in their lives.