Seniors in nursing homes who experience social isolation have an increased risk for severe health conditions. Older adults also need social interaction and other stimulating activities to maintain their cognitive health. Yet COVID-19 has made it more difficult — or impossible — for families to visit their loved-ones in nursing homes. Now, RESTORE Skills has launched RESTORE-Together, a cloud-based multiplayer game platform for nursing home residents that addresses both isolation and lack of mental engagement.

RESTORE Skills specializes in cloud-based therapeutic gaming software. The company’s primary platform provides a fun, interactive way to keep older patients interested and motivated to practice therapeutic exercises. The core platform is used by providers such as physical or occupational therapists who work with older adults in residential and non-residential settings. RESTORE Skills also supports at-home therapy after discharge from a healthcare facility and maintenance exercises between therapy sessions.

The company’s latest offering lets seniors living in care facilities connect virtually with their families while enjoying multiplayer games. Some of RESTORE-Together’s offerings include “Football Frenzy,” “Slot Machines,” and “Election Hockey.” These fun games provide skill-building challenges that encourage patients to progress towards their therapeutic goals.

Physical and occupational therapists could choose to use RESTORE-Together within a care-facility gym setting or right in the resident’s own room. By participating remotely, RESTORE-Together gives families a unique window into their loved-ones therapy experience. Because it focuses on social interaction and cognitive activities, the new platform could have an impact on dementia symptoms and mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Care-facility residents can also play RESTORE-Together’s games with residents of other nursing homes. They can even compete in national gaming competitions in real-time. That sort of challenge and connectivity is highly motivating. RESTORE-Together could be a breakthrough solution for a population significantly impacted by the ongoing social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.