Lyra is a company that provides employers with comprehensive mental health care benefits services. It recently announced a partnership with Calm, makers of a leading stress relief app. The partnership makes Calm part of the Lyra platform for employees. By promoting the use of Calm’s “mental fitness” exercises, Lyra hopes to provide relief for employees experiencing chronic stress and work-related burnout.

Lyra offers members an all-in-one approach to mental health services. With its personalized care recommendations and access to high-quality mental health providers, Lyra has helped 83% of its members improve or recover from mental health symptoms.

Calm gives users access to training in mindfulness, meditation, sleep enhancement, and other resilience-building activities. It boasts a library of meditations, classes, master workshops, and more that includes audio, video, music, nature sounds, and other types of material. By integrating Calm into its mental health benefits platform, Lyra seeks to expand a toolkit that gives members immediate access to a range of prevention and care strategies.

A survey Lyra conducted in June, in collaboration with the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, found that 40% of American workers reported symptoms of burnout. Calm’s resilience-building content library offers evidence-based options to address those symptoms. It guides users through relaxation, movement, focus exercises, and other stress-busting techniques using clinically supported mindfulness techniques.

The July survey found that employees who don’t feel supported by their employers are more likely to consider a job or career change. A representative of Pinterest, which uses Lyra, praised the integration of the popular Calm app as another step towards destigmatizing and prioritizing mental health care. That’s an admirable focus, as the survey also showed that 65% of workers felt that mental health symptoms due to current events had negatively affected their work performance.