Proximity detectors have become standard workplace safety technology since employees began to return to work as communities reopen after pandemic lockdowns. SafeDistance by ConnectUp offers the usual benefits that most employers expect from a proximity system by now: enhanced social distancing, employer data, increased peace of mind for workers and businesses. But SafeDistance has some extra features that might set it apart from other platforms.

Most technology that enables social distancing involves a wearable device that detects when people get too close, sending alerts to the wearer in real-time. These systems usually offer some type of reporting for employers to identify hotspots where worker traffic results in excessive contact events. Several have designated contact tracing options should an employee test positive for COVID-19.

SafeDistance has built on those norms by adding environmental alerts, which identify when ambient light and noise fail to meet OSHA standards. The wearable device can also detect falls and trips, and includes a quick-connect emergency service button. But the standout feature of this platform is the ability to record incidences of harassment or bullying in the moment with a single touch.

This feature makes SafeDistance particularly relevant for schools that wish to implement a social distancing system. Students can wear the lightweight device as a belt clip or break-away lanyard. It uses ultra-wideband technology, which offers enhanced accuracy over Bluetooth, and has a battery life of up to 4 days.

In an educational environment, SafeDistance enables students to manage their own distance so that teachers can focus on teaching. In addition to schools, ConnectUp sees its solution promoting greater safety and lowering the risk of coronavirus infection in manufacturing facilities, offices, places of worship, and other communal environments.