Step trackers and other fitness-related wearables launched in the early 21st century preceded most of the wearable health devices we write about on Health Tech Insider. However, a recent Abbott news release has an example of development in the opposite direction: Abbott incorporated technology developed originally for medical use in a wearable for athletes.

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring technology was developed to help people with diabetes monitor their blood sugar levels to manage the disease and maintain their health. We first wrote about FreeStyle Libre in 2014, shortly after the European Union approved Abbott’s technology for diabetes patients.

Abbott’s new Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor uses the technology in FreeStyle Libre. Athletes can use Libre Sense to continuously measure their blood glucose to learn how their blood sugar correlates with athletic performance. The CE-approved Libre Sense is a flexible patch an athlete wears on the upper arm for up to two weeks. The device sends glucose level data to an associated mobile device with the Libre Sense app.

Abbott has given Supersapiens, an Atlanta-based sports technology company, a non-exclusive license. Supersapiens works with athletes and professional teams to improve athletic performance with actionable analysis based on real-time data: in this case, glucose levels. Supersapiens’ goal is to help athletes learn and then learn how to maintain their optimum glucose levels. Supersapiens will begin selling Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor soon in eight European countries.