The market for consumer health and fitness wearables has expanded rapidly in response to COVID-19. According to a new survey, iPhone owners represent a significant portion of this market, as nearly half of iPhone owners report using connected health technology.

The survey was conducted by Parks Associates, a market research company specializing in emerging consumer technology. The results show that 49% of head-of-household iPhone owners also own at least one connected health device. This includes wearables such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and GPS-enabled sports watches. The same survey found that 34% of head-of-household android users owned such a product.

These mobile-connected devices offer benefits like supporting at-home exercise programs and tracking heart rate and other metrics, activity levels, and sleep. Demand has also increased for connected blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, weight scales, and other personal health technology.

The survey is part of a more extensive market report published by Parks Associates called Connected Health, Wearables and Fitness. Additional research within this report reveals increased interest in subscription-based fitness services, like the soon-to-launch Apple Fitness Plus program. That program provides subscribers with on-demand digital fitness classes that integrate with the Apple Watch.

The report’s findings also show a growing interest in personal emergency response systems (PERS). This represents a trend that shows heads-of-households increasingly act as a caregiver to disabled and aging loved ones. These “panic button” devices can immediately connect to an emergency call center, providing a rapid response to emergency medical situations.

Market analysis featured in the report identifies some specific pandemic-related issues driving the expanding connected health tech market. These include reluctance to exercise in a gym or group classes, as well as greater awareness of common health risks and their effect on patients who contract COVID-19. It also suggests that the newest lines of connected devices has spurred much interest due to innovative features and enhanced user experience.