We’ve written extensively about advances in and adoption of telehealth and telemedicine, often in combination with remote monitoring, AI, and mobile apps. In-home testing applications for COVID-19 and other diseases are invaluable during the current travel-restricted pandemic.

The Netherlands-based Easee recently announced partnerships with global optical retailer GrandVision‘s Polish and Finnish locations for its digital eye testing platform. According to Easee, the company’s online eye exam is the first such CE-certified application. The test is also FDA registered. According to a validation study published in The Journal of Medical Internet Research in conjunction with UMC Utrecht, the Easee test is as accurate as an in-person exam.

The Easee test requires 10 feet of space, a laptop or tablet, and a smartphone. The process has four components: intake, testing, validation, and prescription renewal. After answering initial intake questions to determine the user’s eligibility, an AI assistant named Clair directs the user though a visual acuity exam. The smartphone app lets you know immediately if you need a new prescription; a certified optometrist will double-check the prescription. At that point the user can use the new prescription to buy glasses or contacts online.

The announcement with GrandVision’s retail locations gives customers a choice between getting a new prescription via the Easee test at a store or taking the test online. According to a company news release, Easee continues to develop its digital eye testing platform to provide increasingly comprehensive test capabilities.