Responding to the ongoing increase in emotional and mental health issues triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, TAO Connect has announced the launch of an upgrade to its unique behavioral health app. Now, TAO Connect V3 offers users an experience that’s even more streamlined and customized, making it easier to access high-quality, personalized support and treatment services.

TAO Connect’s virtual platform provides members with access to effective treatment through a curated selection of high-production quality interactive sessions. Equipped with more than 150 different sessions, the platform provides personalized programs for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, anger issues, stress, relationship issues, and more. In addition, the platform has an extensive resource library that includes features like mindfulness exercises, journal prompts, and personal logs to monitor anxiety levels, substance use, and other concerns. Users can choose between a therapist-assisted or self-guided program.

The TAO Connect V3 platform’s signature feature is an AI chatbot — called the TAO Assistant — that helps the user navigate their options within the complex system for a more tailored experience. TAO Assistant asks the user targeted questions and uses the responses to recommend sessions and resources accordingly. V3 also includes updates to the user dashboard, such as advanced progress monitoring tools and a to-do list that interfaces with specific sessions.

Connect V3, like its predecessors, makes behavioral and mental health care more accessible to college students. This demographic has been underserved when it comes to such services; students are particularly vulnerable to the psychological effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, 180 colleges and universities in North America offer the platform to both students and faculty. Recently, health centers and health plans have partnered with TAO Connect in the hopes of making those services more available — and affordable — to more people who need support during the pandemic and beyond.

Individuals can also access the platform on a desktop or mobile device. A free version is available to all Canadian citizens. Residents of Newfoundland, Labrador, and Nova Scotia can access the complete TAO Connect platform.