There’s a new player in the health and wellness wearables game, instantly grabbing the attention of other participants in that market. Amazon introduced Amazon Halo, a two-layer wristband and membership program that purports to help users improve how they sleep, move, sound, and feel. The Halo’s details and specifications matter — we’ll hit the high points below — but the greater consideration is where does Amazon intend to go in the health and wellness market? The answer could have far-reaching ramifications.

Amazon Halo will launch later in 2020, according to a corporate news release. Halo is a membership service and the wearable is called the Halo Band. According to Amazon, Halo uses artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to provide customers with both measurement data and meaningful analysis. Just as Amazon does with the Amazon Echo smart home devices and platform, the mega-retail force will attract third parties that want to participate in the program or build compatible devices, applications, and accessories. The service includes Halo Labs, which the company describes as science-backed challenges, experiments, and workouts for customers who want to develop healthier habits. The initial product release will include Labs content developed by the American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, WW (formerly WeightWatchers), Harvard Health Publishing, Russell Wilson, SWEAT, and more.

The Halo Band will be available in three color combinations for the Band and sensor capsule. Unlike nearly every other fitness band, the wristband doesn’t display any data: not even the time of day. The Halo Band sends all information to an associated Bluetooth connected iOS or Android mobile device on which the users can access the data, Halo analysis, and additional apps. The Halo Band’s battery powers the wristband for up to seven days and fully recharges in less than 90 minutes. The sensor capsule on the inner side of the Halo Band includes an accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, two microphones, an LED indicator light, and a button to turn the microphones on or off.

Five core Halo features include activity tracking, sleep monitoring and analysis, body fat analysis using computer vision technology, voice analysis to help users improve communication and relationships, and the Labs challenges. Amazon states Halo includes multiple layers of privacy and security to keep user data safe.

You can order Amazon Halo today via Amazon’s Early Access program. The product release date is not public, but Early Access customers can request to be part of the program for $65 which will include the Halo Band and six month’s membership in Halo. After launch, Amazon Halo will cost $100 including a 6-month membership. After six months Amazon will bill the customers $3.99 per month for continued access to Labs and many of the other apps and programs, although users who unsubscribe to the Halo service will still be able to access metrics such as steps and heart rate in the Halo app.

Amazon is unique, even among other tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Amazon has the funds, motivation, and ability to create a health and wellness program. Amazon has already demonstrated its willingness and ability to take over the book industry, online retailing in general, smart home, and home security markets. In another development last week, Amazon announced Luna: a new cloud gaming service that could challenge existing platforms and leaders in the massive digital gaming industry. If Amazon intends to play in the health and wellness space, and Halo supports that intention, existing players and teams in the space should take heed and at least consider how to adapt because Amazon takes no prisoners when it competes.