Oral birth control pills are 99% effective at preventing an unwanted pregnancy… only if used perfectly without missing a single dose. But people aren’t perfect, and most women who use oral birth control miss a dose once in a while, so the pill has a 9% failure rate, meaning it’s really about 91% effective. Emme, a women’s health tech company, has announced the launch of the Emme Smart Case, a tracking system designed to increase dose adherence for women who take birth control pills.

The Bluetooth-enabled Smart Case pairs with the Emme Pill and Health tracking app on the user’s smartphone. The case automatically updates the app when a dose is taken. When a pill is missed, the app sends alerts. Women can customize app reminders to help them take the medication at the same time each day, another factor that increases its effectiveness. Preliminary clinical testing shows that the Emme Smart Case and app reduced missed pills by 80%. Eighty-five percent of trial participants reported improved confidence in the pill after using the Emme system.

When a woman misses one or more doses, the app provides information about when to take her next dose and if she should use a back-up birth control method. And the app allows users to track their cycles, moods, and pill side effects. Women who take the pill for hormonal health purposes also benefit from the Emme platform, as regular dosing promotes hormonal balance and reduces adverse symptoms.

The Smart Case is now available for purchase on the Emme website. Currently, the app is available only for iOS users, but an Android version is in the works. The Emme Smart Case is poised to give women who take the pill greater assurance about their choice for contraception and to facilitate understanding and empowerment when it comes to their reproductive health.