Over the last three years, EyeQue made waves with its at-home vision testing solutions. We’ve covered EyeQue’s low-cost vision scope, VisionCheck, the Vision Monitoring Kit, and the Insight visual acuity screener. Now, EyeQue has announced new Try-On Glasses, which completes the at-home vision correction system.

Patients who use VisionCheck or Personal Vision Tracker to perform at-home refractive error vision tests can now order Try-On Glasses based on those test results. (Note that these tests don’t replace a full clinical eye exam, which includes glaucoma screening and retinal imaging, and the diagnostic expertise of an optometrist.) The EyeQue system calculates EyeGlass Numbers, which determine the lens power needed to correct the patient’s eyesight. The Try-On Glasses provide single-vision lens correction power between -7 to +4 diopters in sphere and 0 to -3 diopters in cylinder. 

Fitting the Try-On Glasses requires a pupillary distance measurement. The EyeQue PDCheck, included with VisionCheck or the EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit, allows patients to measure the distance between the center of each pupil. It’s also available for individual purchase.

The Try-On Glasses are manufactured at EyeQue Corporate headquarters in Newark, California, and cost just $19. The glasses allow people to verify that their prescription feels comfortable and fully corrects their vision before ordering higher-priced glasses from online retailers. Customers can return the Try-On Glasses for a full refund.

EyeQue also announced updates that make the VisionCheck and Personal Vision Tracker apps more informative and user-friendly. Users can explore details of their test results and improve the quality of their tests with interactive practice sessions, among other new features. With the addition of the Try-On Glasses, customers can now obtain up-to-date eyeglasses safely from home.